Why attend Advantage Scotland?

Advantage ScotlandWhy should you attend Advantage Scotland 2018?

2018 sees the creation of this brand new event to serve the region with a great event in keeping with our other shows across Scotland.

SMEs – your business- now have it harder than ever. You need to move fast and stand out.

Building on the pan-European ‘futureSME’ project revelations, which led to the subsequent publication of Institute Founder David Hood’s book ‘Competitive SME’, it was clear a further response was needed to address the issue that the vast majority of SMEs across Europe suffered: – that most of their key challenges were linked to ‘factors outside of the business’ – i.e. competitive issues within their market.

SMEs across the UK lack the resource, in-house skills, and nuance to capitalise on their evident capabilities; with evermore complexity, befuddling technology, a plethora of different means to promote, and simply having some ability to make ‘more noise’ in the market is not the answer. Nowhere is this more evident than in Scotland. There is help aplenty for start-ups and ‘unicorns’, but less so for the existing SME battling to survive.

And now, facing a nightmare Brexit scenario, with ongoing uncertainty to add to competitive challenges, the timing has never been more acute to address how the SME will stand out, survive and thrive.

A new way, is a necessity, Advantage Scotland.

True agility, sustainability and competitiveness comes with discovering and grasping a real and compelling competitive advantage and ‘edge’, based on aligning the real needs of the market with a supremely compelling and irresistible offer. And the process to do this needs to be both practical and SME-friendly to work.

That is why we have convened the first Competitive Advantage Summit, here in Scotland.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the event and if you have any unanswered questions after browsing this website, just get in touch.

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