David Hood David Hood

David Hood is the author of the seminal books, published in 2013 with Kogan Page (http://tiny.cc/koganpageDH):

✔ ‘The Marketing Manifesto’​, for professional marketers and marketing:
✔ ‘Competitive SME: Building Competitive Advantage Through Marketing Excellence for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises’​
✔ ‘Direct’ – the book on Direct Mail Marketing

David Hood likes challenging the normal self-destructive, cost-accounting practices and dismal (and desperate) competitiveness. Has served on the UK’s Marketing and Sales Standards Setting Body, was Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Technology group, and is on the new Customer Value Creation International membership body; he is now on the Practitioner Board of the new Journal of Futurecast in Marketing and Management, and a Reviewer for the Journal of Creating Value.

He has developed and delivered a major 20 Minute Masterclass series ‘Competitive SME’​ following on from his book and additional workshops, specifically created for the SME business owner and is producing and presenting further Online & Offline Courses / Masterclasses on the subject of Competitiveness.

Specialities: Broad knowledge & experience of ‘technologies’ – microbiology / health sciences; industrial chemistry; electronics and specialist engineering; environmental and safety instrumentation; ICT & eBusiness; – and consulting and advising on revenue & profit.

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